Yi Mall Introduction

  • 2009 year

    Founded in Shenzhen

  • 40000

    Business area

  • 400 +

    High-end soft outfit brand

YI MALL IS THE FIRST LARGE-SCALE CULTURAL PRODUCT EXHIBITION AND TRADING CENTER THAT INTEGRATES ARTWORK CREATION、CREATIVITY、 EXHIBITION、 TRAINING、 EXCHANGE、 AND TRADING. LOCATED IN ShenZhen Luohu district, FOUNDED IN 2009, it is Shenzhen's one-stop home furnishings shopping platform with the most comprehensive categories and the highest purchase frequency by designers. With an operating area of 40,000 square meters, it gathers more than 400 high-end soft decoration brands across the country, covering original overall home design, interior space design, original soft decoration crafts, Zen tea culture brand, lighting table art, floral art, cloth art, painting and other exquisite designs Crafts.

Yimao Center adheres to the brand concept of "Art of Life. Art of Life". From the perspective of life, show different taste spaces, open up a new way of life, and show a unique life attitude.

Yi Mall Direction

Architectural Design

  • Create the most cost-effective integrated mall

    - Shopping mall image upgrade, full packaging

    ①All-round home integration service   |   ②Charity Ambassador   |   ③Shaping the brand image of shopping malls in multiple directions   |   ④Introduction of system reform

    Leading the diversification of China's soft decoration industry

    - Complete shopping mall supporting facilities

    ①Add catering facilities   |   ②Improve shopping mall service guidelines   |   ③Increase multifunctional leisure area

    To be a complex of urban new life culture

    - Soft decoration culture deeply embedded in the city

    ①Promote the development of China's soft-furnished home accessories industry   |   ②To establish Shenzhen as a city of creative design   |   ③Be a participant in the new culture of light tourism

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