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(Summary description)ShenzhenElementalHomeDecCo.,Ltdwasfoundedin1997.after10yearsefforts.Fuyuansuhasdevelopedintoacollectionofhouseholdaccessoriesinglassgiftwarearea,suchasdesign,development,manufacturing,salesandafter-sa


(Summary description)ShenzhenElementalHomeDecCo.,Ltdwasfoundedin1997.after10yearsefforts.Fuyuansuhasdevelopedintoacollectionofhouseholdaccessoriesinglassgiftwarearea,suchasdesign,development,manufacturing,salesandafter-sa

  • Categories:News
  • Author:小艺
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  • Time of issue:2019-07-13 16:41
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Shenzhen Elemental Home Dec Co., Ltd was founded in 1997.after 10 years efforts.Fuyuansu

has developed into a collection of household accessories in glass giftware area, such as

design,development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services as one of the integrated large

enterprises.Fuyuansan brand from Italy,avant-garde creative idea,advanced technological.quality

assurance,customer benefit is service concept,create a full of soft, elegant, romantic, sweet and

fashionable in our life.Fuyuansu combine western technology with oriental cultural

perfectly.producing photo frames, mirrors, jewelry boxes, candleholders, clocks, Christmas

ornaments,etc. the connotation is exquisite and elegant,the exterior is exquisite and luxurious, be

deeply loved by urban girls,they enjoy beautiful home decoration bring them warmth and

romantic.and we have cooperated with more than ten supermarkets in the world.we are

committed to understanding the needs of our customers and cherishing the trust and friendship

that our customers have given us.

Shenzhen Elemental Home Dec Co., Ltd. specializing in the manufacture of high-grade furniture

ornaments. Our company has three factories,each factory is responsible for the manufacture of

different kinds of furniture products,we have a professional worker team,welcome to visit our

factories and stores.

In this noisy dust, we all need to have a place suitable for ourselves to put the soul. Maybe it is a

quiet house, maybe a book without words, maybe a path. As long as it is your own heart, it is a

station, not so confused for the future departure.

Time flies, when it is no longer young, when you come back, you find that it is not easy to find a

quiet place. For life, for work, for the future, "learning" is not exhausting, and the accompanying

people are becoming more and more prosperous. After getting used to the excitement and

grandeur, the bleakness and tranquility are like the warm sun in the northern winter. Returning to

life itself, starting from home, abandoning the cumbersome decoration, creating a simple,

refreshing, clean and neat space, people can calm down and truly enjoy life when they return



Our existence may be small or large, and the power of existence at home is what we need. So,

we are willing and hope to return home, this place is better than anywhere we go.



Looking at the flowers and flowers, the fine waters are flowing, the hearts are floating and poetic,

and the cockroaches seem to have a beautiful vision, so that the loss and the indifference are far


Living in a home you want to live in, loving someone you love, cherish the moment, it is

happiness. Happiness is not for the eyes of others, but for their own personal feelings, not

necessarily seeking the same, suitable for the most rare.

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